New Year, Mid-Year--All Year.

It's always a good time to tap into the Vision Within.


Are you in a new season?

Do you have a new vision, new goals, and ready to embrace new adventures? Well then this experience is for you!

Let's take a moment to become intentional about your vision within.

What do you envision for this season of your life?

What shifts are you looking to make?

Where are you right now and where do you see yourself one year from now? 3, 5, 10 years from now?

These are questions we're all asking ourselves when it's time to switch things up!

You know there is more for your life. 

Better relationships. 

More Money. 

A fulfilling business and/or career. 




 Instead of jotting some goals on a piece of paper, staying in your head about all the should do's, and feeling guilty about not bringing them to life, let's get intentional and have a little fun! 

Welcome to Vision Within: A Virtual Vision Board Experience! This workshop isn't about sticking some pictures on a poster board, but about Clarity, Growth, Embodiment and unleashing the Vision within.

Hey there, I'm Tiffany Lanier, Founder and Lead Facilitator here at The Morning Shift®

During this interactive Vision Board Experience, I’m here to help you feel your way back home. Back to your desires. Back to your core. Back to you. 

We're going to set some powerful intentions for the year, find the meaning within our Vision so we actualize them, and unleash the power of our desires.

Sound good?

Then join us for this unique vision board experience.

By the time Vision Within is over, you'll:

  • Feel clear on your Vision
  •  Be in alignment with your Core-desired feelings. 
  •  Know when opportunities, projects, people, or things are a YES or definitive NO.
  •  Feel like you're living with intention and purpose
  • Have a beautiful visual display of your Dreams & Intentions

Tap into your Vision Within!

*Vision Within: A Virtual Vision Board Experience


A few Ah-mazing Bonuses included!

  • 15 min Guided Vision Within Visualization
  • Morning Shift Meditation
  • 30 Journal Joy Prompts for Life
  • 30 Journal Joy Prompts for Business

What is The Morning Shift Co.?

The Morning Shift Co. helps you create Life-altering morning routines and rituals so you can show up fully for how you live, lead, and work.

Our specialized coaches, experts, and facilitators create nurturing spaces and provide tools and guidance for deliberate change. We connect you to the resources, inner-work experiences, and a supportive community to help you be + become.Focused on individual self-discovery, self-healing and self-care, we aim to ignite personal growth and overall well-being that will positively impact how individuals show up for themselves and the collective. 

We look forward to having you on this space and many more to come!

We don’t just set resolutions and hope they stick...  

We Activate our Vision.

We Embody our Vision.

We Unleash our Vision within.