A different way to start your Morning...

Morning Shift Sessions

A Group experience to help you commit to a morning practice unique to you, your vision, and how you want to grow.

We are only as good for the world as we are for ourselves.

We won't become better partners, parents, friends, leaders, business owners or change agents until we stop pretending we’re all indestructible superheroes that don’t need space to be and become.

So what if we can craete some space in the morning to do just that?

We all know how it feels to wake up in a disarray, maybe eat, handle kids (or pets!) and if you're feeling spunky maybe you give yourself a few minutes to get your mind right. For most mornings are a cluster f@%k. In our tech induced and fast pace world we can't help but pour into social media, our family, projects, and clients long before we give ourselves a moment to breathe and make sure we're good--you know to operate and function as better humans in this world.  

Which often times leave us frazzled, tired, and unraveled at the seams before 9 AM.  

So to help you get grounded and slow down before you have to speed up for your day, join Tiffany Lanier of The Morning Shift Co. for a 60 minute morning experience to help you reclaim your time, your vision, and how you want to grow.  

The Morning Shift Session will flow like this:

  • We'll start with a 5-10 minute guided meditation and centering thought led by Tiffany
  • You'll have 30 minutes to implement your own morning rituals and activities for growth, whether that be journaling, reading, stretching, coloring whatever you want to do!  
  • And then we'll wrap up the morning with lite group coaching around the centering thought. 

The Details:

The Morning Shift Sessions 2019-2020 | Mondays Mornings at 6am and 9am at Social House 

Choose your Session. 

Shift Happens Here: 512 Lucerne Ave, Lake Worth, FL 33460

Social House Members: $12 Non-members: $15 

(Each week come back to Register here or choose a 10-session bundle and save 10%. You can choose any 6 sessions to attend with your bundle.)

Social House Members

Take the experience up a notch and grab The Morning Shift Course to help you customize and craft your meaning-full morning or join the Morning Shift Mastermind to more in-depth community experience 

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Meet your Facilitator:

Tiffany is a leading millennial voice in personal growth, conscious leadership, and meaningful work. She is a serial entrepreneur, podcaster, nationally renowned Inspirational Speaker and the Founder The Morning Shift Co. 

After surviving a life-threatening pregnancy and suffering postpartum depression (all while building a business), Tiffany realized one of the biggest modern day plagues is the lack of space we hold for ourselves during our transitional periods. She quickly discovered in order to be a great mother, partner, entrepreneur, leader—human, it was pertinent for her to own her shift and move past the societal norm of bug out and burn out. Her intention to rediscover who she was, her purpose, and embrace her next chapter led to personal and professional breakthroughs that have catapulted her life and career. Tiffany is now dedicated to helping others do the same by creating conscious shifts in every aspect of their lives.  

As the creator of The Morning Shift Method, a philosophy built on 5 pillars for consciously crafting a morning practice for your humanity and humanity, Tiffany instills the power of intentionally holding space to enhance the way we live, lead, and work.  

Tiffany’s eclectic background has made her a sought-after public speaker, trainer, and facilitator. She’s presented for top businesses, brands, universities and organizations including Capital One, United Way, DeVry, and TEDx.