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Stop pouring from an empty cup

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5 Shifts you need to make NOW to help you change your mornings and reclaim your sanity. 

Meet your Masterclass Host!

Tiffany is a leading millennial voice in personal growth, conscious leadership, and meaningful work. She is a serial entrepreneur, podcaster, nationally renowned Inspirational Speaker and the Founder of The Morning Shift Co.  

After surviving a life-threatening pregnancy and suffering postpartum depression all while building a business, Tiffany realized one of the biggest modern day plagues is the lack of space we hold for ourselves during our transitional periods. She quickly discovered in order to be a great mother, partner, entrepreneur, leader—human, it was pertinent for her to own her shift and move past the societal norm of bug out and burn out. Her intention to rediscover who she was, her purpose, and embrace her next chapter led to personal and professional breakthroughs that have catapulted her life and career. Tiffany is now dedicated to helping others do the same by creating conscious shifts in every aspect of their lives.  

As the creator of The Morning Shift Co., a wellness and personal growth company built on a 5 pillar philosophy for consciously crafting your morning practice, Tiffany instills the power of intentionally holding space to enhance the way we live, lead, and work. She believes as we hold space for our humanity we’ll have the capacity to hold space for humanity (and the planet).  

Today, Tiffany is fueled by the motto: Live Purposefully and Lead Consciously. Whether she is speaking to college students, entrepreneurs, creatives, community leaders or executives, Tiffany challenges her audience to re-discover who they are, what they stand for, and what matters. Known as the “Queen of Clarity,” her self-reflective approach helps her audience and clients overcome the obstacles holding them back from stepping into the fullest version of who they are here to be!  

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