Everyone Should Start Their Day Like This.

Here at The Morning Shift Co., We’re calling for a morning revolution and we want to help you liberate yourself.
It’s time to prioritize space for your well-being no matter what life throws at you!

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We’re waging a war on the way you start your day because you’ve been sold a lie.

Societal norms have made you believe that from the time you open your eyes you must push, grind, strive for more, crush this, and go harder – because that’s what you’re made for, that’s where the gold is.
And maybe there is some truth to that…


But what if MORE is:
More being vs. more doing?

Hustle culture, the glorification of busyness and our desire to distract from who we really are and what we’re growing through, is taking up too much space–physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

We’ve reduced self-care to a hashtag and spa treatments and our morning routines have become nothing but hyper-productive checklists with no soul or meaning.

And we’re saying no more of that!

What if you could make space for all of you every single morning?

You see,
we believe!

We are only as good for the world as we are for ourselves.

We won’t become better partners, parents, friends, leaders, business owners or change agents until we stop pretending we’re all indestructible superheroes that don’t need space to be and become.
So let’s Shift some S#*T and start our days differently.

Let’s create the space for us all to do “The Work” through consciously crafting our morning practice.

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(we thought so…)

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