It’s time to make space for you.  

Hustle culture, the glorification of busyness and our desire to distract from who we really are and what we're growing through is taking up too much space--physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. 

We've reduced selfcare to a hasgtag and spa treatments and our morning routines have become nothing but hyper-productive checklist with no soul or meaning. 

No wonder so many of us are running on "E" before we even start the day. No wonder why we are mentally checked out (or numbing out). Why we are emotionally drained. Why every big life transition feels more like a burden vs. a glorius path of discovery. Why we're feeling so disconnected from who we are and what we want.

All of this needs a hard stop. 

It's time to move away from the "wake up and push through" mentality. It's time to move away from the "keep going no matter what" mentality. It's time to move away from the "bug out, burn out, or numb out" mentaility. 

Because we're adult enough to know that everything doesn't just eventually work itself out , right? 

We have to work ourselves out first.

We have to get our mind right. Our emotions right. Our understanding of self and others right. We have to start doing what's right for us--

And what is that?

Making a conscious decision to start our days differently and using that time to hold more space for our own discovering, uncovering, processing, and reconnection. 

It's time to make space for you. 

Welcome to The Morning Shift Co.  

Discover the possibilities

About the Founder + Philosophy 

Hey there, I’m Tiffany Lanier, Clarity Strategist, Facilitator, Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Founder of this awesome community--The Morning Shift Co. 

Two years ago I launched a digital course called The Morning Shift . The course (and philosphy) was birthed out of a complicated pregnancy and postpartum depression. It was birthed out of the struggle to find my voice in my business and in my leadership. It was birthed out of dedication to doing the hard inner *clarity* work, asking myself the tough questions, crying, and painfully growing while overcoming some of the toughest transitions in my life – which ironically, were all happening at the same damn time. You know how the saying goes... when it rains, it _______ (yup). 

Now, you may have not experienced (or currently experiencing) the same trials and tribulations but you've had your own. You know the feeling when everything is stacked against you, when the world is in full disarray, and all of it leaves you feeling like you’re coming apart at the seams.  

You are not alone, so many of us secretly relate.  

At a crossroads with myself I had to make a choice, I couldn’t continue to pour from an empty cup anymore.  

It wasn't healthy.  

It did nothing for me and damn sure didn’t help the people I needed (or wanted) to show up for.  

Changing my mornings saved my life.  

It allowed me to reclaim my sanity (and still does til this day).  

My morning practice provides me with space to think, be and become. It gives me an opportunity to shift my mindset, stay motivated, meditate and ground myself, move into my body and work on mastering myself and my vision for the world.  

And I want the same for you. 

Welcome to The Morning Shift Co. 

Our Course + Programs are based on The Morning Shift Method, a philosophy built on 5 pillars for consciously crafting a morning practice for your humanity and humanity, our goal is to instill the power of intentionally holding space to enhance the way you live, lead, and work.  

When I created my intentional morning practice in 2016 to catalyze change in my life, I didn’t know it would become a course, turn into a talk i’d give on stages, become group sessions in community or get featured on Television and in magazines and I defintely didn't forsee it would become this company. But here we are.  

And just this is a testament of the clarity and visions that can come from giving yourself real room to be & become.  

My team and I are excited to hold space for your becoming, I look forward to having you in our community. 

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