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"I am grateful that just 6 months into this I feel like I've already recouped my investment!"

The Morning Shift Membership has been an amazing experience. When I originally joined, my focus was getting a morning routine established so I could be more organized when bringing on new clients and ready to start my day off right but it has evolved into so something so much more impactful and much deeper than I thought it was going to be. It has not only brought clarity to me personally but also in my professional life as well. With the help of Tiffany and The Morning Shift community, I've been able to better understand what my boundaries are and re-establish them. It has helped me really understand what I want to align myself with in both relationships and opportunities. I am grateful that just 6 months into this I feel like I've already recouped my investment. I feel more organized mentally and I feel that I am in a better position to decide where I'm going next. I look forward to continuing with The Morning Shift and I'm very glad I've made this investment not just financially but in time and energy, the shift has been well worth it.
Roz J.
Project Manager


Who knew that our morning routines were suppose to nourish us mind, body, and soul? There is so much more to explore than being “more productive.”

In the Morning Shift Masters Program, we’re going to make shift happen.
You Ready?

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details

We’re here to provide you with guidance + accountability so you can shift your morning and your mind for good.

Throughout the year you’ll access:

Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly LIVE Accountability Events + Morning Shift Sessions
Because the last thing you need is more recorded trainings that take up space on your digital bookshelf.

We’re here to provide you with guidance + accountability so you can shift your mornings and your mind for good!


Morning Shift Perks

As soon as you sign up you’ll get access to:

The 4-Week Morning Shift Course to create and kickstart your unique practice: 

  1. 10 videos + audios to help you create + structure your Morning Practice
  2. The Morning Shift Workbook: 17 pages to fuel your self-discovery and personal growth
  3. A Resource Library of thoughtfully curated videos, audios, articles, and book suggestions to expand your mind, body, and soul.
  4. A set of guided meditations + visualizations to get your day started right.  

Every Monday, we’ll jumpstart your week and do our morning practice together. We’ll lead you in meditation, have you reflect on a centering thought (this is one of the transformation components) and end with reflections + light group coaching for ultimate support. 

There will be several session times to choose from. 

Short trainings to take all your self-help and personal growth from theory to practice.

Each month you and your new best friends in growth will meetup and keep each other accountable to your vision and dreams.

Support on support. Outside of weekly accountability with the TMS team and your mastermind, expect quarterly goal-setting and coaching  to ensure you’re reaching your vision throughout the year.

We have some wise friends and advisors in our network. Expect to have drop-in’s from neuroscientist, poets, healers, and business and leadership badasses. We’ve got you covered to keep your mind, body, soul and vision intact + expanded.

Throughout the year we’ll host challenges to help you embody what you’re doing and create quick sprints of change.

This isn’t just an online membership, we’re best friends now and best friends like to hang out! From singalongs to discussions on social issues to business brainstorming, we’ll host jam out sessions (where you can ask us anything!) to learn more about each other, advance your mission, and have some fun!

24/7 access to a community of like-minded individuals on the journey of growth & evolution just like you! Here is where you’ll find support, all the membership happenings, and get to cheer on and be cheered on by your new partners in change.

Member ONLY Discounts + Perks on Retreats, Speciality Events, and products throughout the year!

"I never fail to be inspired by the centering thought of the day and the insights that blossom from Tiffany and the group."

"Although I already had a consistent morning practice, there is just something about Tiffany and the Morning Shift community that takes it to the next level for me. I never fail to be inspired by the centering thought of the day and the insights that blossom from Tiffany and the group. Join The Morning Shift to kick-start a practice or enrich one that you already have!"
Glo Sollecito
Kitchen Designer

For $4/ day or less you know you're in! This is less than your caramel macchiato with the double shot of whatever it is you usually get. #WorthIt


Shifting My Morning, Shifted My Life.

Hey there, I’m Tiffany Lanier, Clarity Strategist, Facilitator, Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Founder of this awe-inspiring community–The Morning Shift Co. 

A few years ago my personal Morning Shift was birthed out of a complicated pregnancy and postpartum depression. It was birthed out of the struggle to find my voice in my business and in my leadership.

It was birthed out of the struggle to find my voice in my business and in my leadership. It was birthed out of dedication to doing the hard inner *clarity* work, asking myself the tough questions, crying, and painfully growing while overcoming some of the toughest transitions in my life – which ironically, were all happening at the same damn time. You know how the saying goes… when it rains, it _______ (yup).  

Now, you may have not experienced (or currently experiencing) the same trials and tribulations but you’ve had your own you know the feeling when everything is stacked against you, when the world feels like it’s in a full disarray and all of it leaves you feeling like you’re coming apart at the seams.

That’s where I was and I had to make a choice. I couldn’t continue to pour from an empty cup anymore. 

It wasn’t healthy. 

It did nothing for me and damn sure didn’t help the people I needed (or wanted) to show up for.

It’s time to make space for you. 

Changing my mornings saved my life. It allowed me to reclaim my sanity (and still does until this day).

My morning practice provides me with space to think, be, and become. It gives me an opportunity to shift my mindset, stay motivated, meditate and ground myself, move into my body, and work on mastering myself + vision for the world. 

And I want the same for you. 

Tiffany Lanier


Shift's About To Go Down, Let's:

Clear the fog and find the clarity you’ve been searching for. Learn to tap into your intuition and trust your knowingness Build stronger relationships Unpack any resistance, fear, and doubt holding you back from moving into your next phase Strengthen your confidence and self-awareness  Get out of your head and start doing more things you love (hobbies, traveling, business – whatever you want!) Feel a sense of wholeness throughout your life And so much more!

Life as you (will soon) know it.

Your Mornings –

We’re calling for a morning revolution and Morning Shift Masters is here to help you liberate yourself.

With our flagship course as our foundation, we’ll break down the Morning Shift Method and customize your morning routine to get to the core of what you want and need in this (and every) season of your life! 

Your Sanity –

Morning Shift Masters is your official escape from the societal (& mental) matrix that has had you f***ed up. Real talk. 

We’ll provide you with the nurturing space necessary to (re)discover, (un)learn , expand and grow–leaving those old mindsets and unwanted habits and behaviors behind. 

Your Goals –

We’re here to help you make shift happen. 

Through our weekly morning shift sessions, monthly activations, quarterly intensives, and guest experts, we’ll get you to where you want to go! Not to mention you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals on the journey to becoming their next best version–can we say #squadgoals

Morning Shift Masters

Master your life – one morning at a time

Co- Facilitator

Stef "Sauce" Osofsky

Juna J
Juna J
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Stefanie is so good! I appreciate her presence and pushes during the morning shift sessions!
Cathy Nolan
Cathy Nolan
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Tiffany and Stefanie are a powerful duo. The Space they hod during the Morning Shift Sessions really challenge us to dig deep--I couldn't think of better facilitators.
Stacy Pierce
Stacy Pierce
Read More
Stef is just amazing! I'm so grateful to have both her and Tiffany on this Journey!

Born as Stefanie Osofsky, even her momma calls her Saucey these days.

From brand + community strategist for Lulu Lemon to life coaching and Death Doula-ing, no matter her title she finds herself sitting in the questions of exploration and ready to throw the book out that tells us how things should be done as per the status quo.

Now serving as a facilitator for The Morning Shift Co., Sauce’s ethos is to excavate the truth and to find the courage to burn the ships that tie us to beliefs, patterns, and ideas that keep us fixed to who we don’t want to be anymore. She will ask the hard questions, hold up the mirror, and position herself as an ally in the evolution we are always and already creating within ourselves. 

Here is what our Members have to say...

Over the next year you will receive the tools, support and community to change your life by changing your mornings. Here are a few words from some of the Morning Shift Masters themselves!

Imagine what would happen in your life if you put yourself first for the next year.

Seriously, what’s possible? Think about it. 

  • What would happen if you filled your cup before serving others.
  • What would happen if you showed up as your whole self for your kids and partner before they woke up?
  • What would happen if you felt grounded in who you are before your first call or meeting?
  • What would happen if you felt clear and confident about your next move in life?

Creating and consistently doing your morning practice will help you reconnect to your humanness.  

When we can do that for ourselves we create a ripple effect that will positively impact our family, friends, colleagues, clients, and even the world around us – and that’s the most loving and badass thing we can do.  

So although doing this is mostly for you, it’s also for everyone else.  

Every Day is a Fresh Start.

It's time to get the coaching + accountability + the tools you need to shift your mornings
(and your life) for good! Let's do this, together.


Most frequent questions and answers

A. The Morning Shift Masters Program is a 12 month online coaching membership that provides hands-on Personal Growth + Wellbeing Coaching, Facilitating, and Workshops to support individuals in creating consistent morning routines & rituals to reach their personal and professional goals.

We provide you with the tools and resources to support your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth.  

A. Yes. Real growth takes time. After asking past members if they felt 12 months was essential to their change, we received an overwhelming YES! Our goal is to hold space for you to do the real work. 


A. Memberships are on an annual basis whether you sign up for month to month or the one-time annual payment. Once you have completed one cycle of the Mornings Masters program you then can go on a quarterly plan thereafter with a 30 Day cancellation notice. 

A. Your membership is for you only. Friends and family must enroll individually to receive the for benefits of the Membership. 

A. Your MSM Membership does include some public events and member only retreats but not all.  You do however receive member-only discounts and perks. 

A. Although we cannot guarantee change and transformation we are pretty confident in helping you facilitate the change you seek both personally and professionally. We have a pretty good track record 😉 Check out those testimonials!