We’re waging a war on the way you start your day because you’ve been sold a lie.

So many of us are running on “E” before we even wake up. 
No wonder why we are mentally checked out (or numbing out). Why we are emotionally drained. Why every big life transition feels more like a burden vs. a glorious path of discovery. Why we’re feeling so disconnected from who we are and what we want.

All of this needs a hard stop. 

It’s time to move away from the “wake up and push through” mentality. 
It’s time to move away from the “keep going no matter what” mentality. 
It’s time to move away from the “bug out, burn out, or numb out” mentality.

Because we’re adult enough to know that everything doesn’t just eventually work itself out , right?

We have to work ourselves out first.

We have to get our mind right. Our emotions right. Our understanding of self and others right. We have to start doing what’s right for us–

And what is that?

Making a conscious decision to start our days differently and using that time to hold more space for our own discovering, uncovering, processing, and reconnection.

It’s time to make space for you (in the morning + beyond).

Welcome to The Morning Shift Co.

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