Wake Up +

Hold Space for Change.

The Morning Shift® provides tools and resources to help you navigate through seasons of change while honoring your well-being in the process.

We help you create the space to do the (inner) work.

Create Morning Magic.

Change is the magic of our lives. And your Morning Routines + Rituals are a vessel for change.

Whether you’re looking to transform everyday habits and behaviors to better your days or you’re experiencing a big life transition that requires deeper self-inquiry and care, The Morning Shift®  is here to help you create a 360-approach to navigating change + honoring your well-being by consciously crafting your morning.

Breathe life into your next Season

 The Morning Shift® ‘A Moment to Breathe: Journey through Change’ —

A 12 month curated experience facilitated by our Founder, Tiffany Lanier, to give you an opportunity to reflect, reassess, and find a moment of reprieve to do the inner and outer work. 

Our mission is to give you a simple yet potent resource to help you honor your well-being no matter what life throws at you!

A Mission for your Morning:


We are only as good for the world as we are for ourselves.

We won’t become better partners, parents, friends, employees, leaders, business owners, or change agents until we stop pretending we’re all indestructible superheroes that don’t need space to be and become.

When we create space for change, we create space to change our life for the better and it starts with every morning we wake up.

Ready to Shift?

We’re currently working on a full product line to better help you hold space in the morning! Join our Waitlist for our Fall Product drop!

Or join us now for ‘A Moment to Breathe: Journey through Change’ and start receiving monthly guidance on creating change in your life!

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